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Our Services

At ProdChem we have a single goal…

To maximise the performance of oil and gas producing assets by working with operations and support teams to identify, target and address production limiting issues.

From the critical perspective of Process & Production Chemistry, our specialist knowledge and field service delivers valued technical support in the key areas of;

  • Production Assurance & Enhancement
  • Process Chemistry; Reservoir, Wells, Pipelines & Facilities
  • Process Integrity; Managing Risk, Performance & Resilience
  • EOR/IOR; Chemical, Thermal & Water Shut-Off

Across all regions, ProdChem helps clients gain true insight into how well-managed Process & Production Chemistry impacts the safety, performance and resilience of their production operations.

So the question is … how can we help you?


A Bit More Detail

Process & Production Chemistry

Competent technical specialist delivering significant operational value in all aspects of Production Chemistry to IOC and NOC operator customers.

Experienced in delivering technical solutions to onshore and offshore customers, tackling production limiting issues in flow assurance, asset integrity and production optimisation.

Production & Integrity Assurance

Discipline lead for Production Chemistry on start-up of the multi-asset pipeline integrity project.

Implementation of improved corrosion mitigation for large asset pipeline network, significantly reducing operational difficulties at 29 production locations (300+ wells).

Asset Management ISO 55001

Audit and consultancy services on management of industrial assets.

Leader of Critical Process Reviews (CPR) and operational improvement programs to address significant production impairment issues for both onshore and offshore Oil & Gas production assets.

Peer Review Independent Verification

Chartered Scientist CSci MEI

Lead Auditor ISO 55001 Asset Management

Lead Auditor ISO 14001 Environmental Management

Safety Management Leadership

SPE International HSE Awards Sub-Committee

Production Enhancement EOR/IOR

Specialist in chemical applications and field support for thermal and chemical EOR.

Field technical support to polymer operations through commissioning and into full production.

Field technical support on critical scale control program for large thermal EOR pilot.

Commercial & technical validation to assess viability of new water treatment technology.

Operational Support & Compliance

Production Chemist TA supporting asset production operations and field development projects from concept selection through design, construction/HUC and into operations.

Management experience of major Chemical Management Services (CMS) contracts